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The Inspired Store: Photoshop Actions!

I’m going to take a wild guess here and say that you’re a creative, an artist, a passionate photographer.

You love photography and you want to be the best you can be. But while you know that editing your photos is part of the artistic process, Photoshop frustrates you.

That’s where I come in with my incredible Photoshop Actions ….

The Inspired Store is where all of your Photoshop dreams come true. Trust me, you can wave good-bye to the stress you used to feel whenever you opened Photoshop. I am here to help!

So I’m not one to showcase Before and Afters… like ever. But I have been so smitten with this particular photo’s outcome thanks to your “Summer Princess” action I had to share it with you! Sooo dreamy! I mixed it with some other tweaking on my end to make it more vibrant but I have been using this [“Summer Princess“] and “She’s So Lucky” over and over! Thank you and thank you for being such an inspiration! ;) I hope one day our paths will eventually cross! Take Care! ♥”
– Annalesa of IndieAnna Photography


Self-Lovin’ Photo Shoot!

I believe that every single woman on the face of this planet has something so special, unique and beautiful about them. Let’s face it – we all need to take the time to focus on loving ourselves more and that’s exactly what my photo shoots are all about! They make you stop to see yourself in the most beautiful light, appreciating yourself like you have never appreciated yourself before.

If  you are in the UK and want to experience a photo shoot with me,  email me today and I’ll send you my full information pack!

If you are abroad and want to let me know in case I’m ever in your area, feel free to contact me! I LOVE to travel!

These are absolutely incredible! By far the best photos I’ve ever seen of myself. I look better in these than in my wedding photos! Most importantly, I look like me, or like the best version of myself. You have such a talent for bringing out joy, comfort, courage and beauty in people and I am so happy that I had a chance to be in front of your camera. I hope it won’t be the only time. As far as I’m concerned, you’re now my life-long photographer! Thank you for your time, skills and staggering talent!” – Dallas

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