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Photoshop Before and Afters with Express Yourself

Hey you,

This week I’m celebrating because The Express Yourself Collection, my sweet set of 50 new Photoshop Actions, has finally gone LIVE and I couldn’t be prouder of the results!

To anyone out there chasing a dream, wondering if you’ll ever make it a reality – this one’s for you, baby. Here’s to making the dreams in our heads a reality!

My dream was to create Photoshop Actions that spark creativity, that give the photographer the power to creatively express him or herself in a way that feels free and non-restrictive without making the process any longer than it needs to be. So when I was making these actions I had to make a collection that was capable of a “one-click-wonder”, but was simultaneously capable of more than a “one-click-wonder”.

I went above and beyond to keep these as simple as possible for my customers by not only keeping all of the adjustment layers untouched, but also because I named each layer according to what type of effect it had on the image. This makes it incredibly easy to open each Photoshop Action file, and see exactly what was done to create the look. Not only is this educational, but it allows for 100% customization as you can toggle the visibility of layers, experiment with varying layer modes, and best yet – use layer masks as and when you please.

I knew that many of my clients would struggle with understanding layer masks and visibility, opacities etc… so that’s why I decided to create a free Photoshop Training Series for my VIP List. It was totally amazing, and even after this luanch I’m going to be keeping it live for as many people to enjoy as possible! WOOP WOOP!

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll recognize these, but I wanted to share them here, too! These are some before and afters I created to show off my brand new set of Photoshop Actions, The Express Yourself Collection.


Enjoy! :



With love and awesome energy,

P.S. The Express Yourself Collection equips you with 50 high-quality Photoshop Actions, designed to give you the power to create edits for your images that build your brand and make you stand out, giving your images the attention they deserve. If you buy today here’s what you’ll get:

– 50 Photoshop Actions

– BONUS 1:  Immediate access to the “How to Edit + Express Yourself” Workbook .

– BONUS 2: Access to the “Alex’s Time-Saving Methods” Workbook

– BONUS 3: A top-secret Photoshop Tutorial

– BONUS 4: 15 Color Textures

– BONUS 5: Access to the “How to Use Color Textures” Workbook


And, to celebrate the birth of these new actions, you’ll get access to an additional 15 color textures AND you’ll save 50% of the price.

But you have to be one of the first 500 purchasers. At the rate we’re going, this offer will end in just a few days time – so don’t procrastinate and end up missing out on this awesome one-time-only deal.

Click here for FULL details about The Express Yourself Collection.