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Inspiration for your website!


One of the best parts of running my own business (besides my flexible schedule) is the fact that I have FULL creative control.

The other day I was thinking a lot about creativity in my business and I thought …. you know what? When was the last time I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and created something interesting, unique, different and CREATIVE? 

Well, today’s the day I push the envelope. Honestly? This video is unlike any video I have EVER created. It’s not perfect, but it has a lot of attitude, and I poured a lot of energy in it with the hopes that it will inspire YOU to create a website for your business that you can be 100% proud of.

This video covers all of the questions you should be asking yourself when it comes to your website! LET’S DO THIS!

Food for thought, right?


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With love and excitement for all of the goodness that is coming your way soon :)