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Everyone thinks that a strong brand, beautiful website, or discounts and giveaways will get them more clients, but the truth is you have to constantly impress people with your existing photos before they will ever trust you to take their photos. 

Because the photos you share online? They’re just as important as the outfit you choose to wear to a job interview.


1) To make your photos look so exceptionally impressive that you get more clients and make more money. 


2) To help you spend less time figuring out Photoshop, giving you more time to sip wine with your friends, to play with your kids, or whatever it is you need more of in your life.

Why? Because that’s what professionals do. They aren’t sitting around freaking out about whether their edits are good enough. They KNOW their edits are good enough. And their clients know it too.

It consists of 50 Photoshop Actions divided into six categories:


1) The Necessities

If Photoshop was your wardrobe, The Necessities would be your Little Black Dress. Suitable for every occasion, always a good fit, and easy to slip on, The Necessities will add confidence to your step. 

15 Photoshop Actions made for photographers who know the importance of quality edits, The Necessities will give your photos an essential collection of professional, pristine looks that will leave you feeling effortlessly confident with your photographs.

2) The Black and Whites

Don’t just say you’re adventurous. BE adventurous. 

For photographers who don’t believe in boring black and whites, these 5 Photoshop Actions will add instant glamour to your silver tones, helping you stand out in a sea of “the usual.”

3) The Creatives

The Creatives is the Lady Gaga of action sets. 

They’re all about being the best you can be while pushing boundaries and standing out in a way that’s incredibly modern and creative. You’re not like everyone else – you’re in a whole other league. Prove it. These 8 Photoshop Actions will help you think outside of the box and create artwork that’s emotional, heart-wrenching and dramatic.

4) The Colorfuls 

Caution: These Colorfuls are so fun, they’ll make you want to quit your job and join the circus. 

These 10 Photoshop Actions are Felix-jumping-from-space exciting, Sandy-and-Danny-singing-to-each-other-at-the-end-of-Grease playful, and more youthful than a school bus of five year olds on a sugar high. In other words, they’re so much fun they could be dangerous.

5) The Light Leaks

Whoever said light leaks were only for vintage film photographers obviously wasn’t with the times. 

 These 7 Photoshop Actions are for those who love long walks on the beach, and piña coladas in the rain. Just kidding ;) but if you want to add some extra “oomph” to your editing, you’re going to love these for injecting modernity into an almost forgotten style.

6) The Fixables 

Have you ever seen The Incredibles? You know, the superhero family who save the world? Yeah, that’s what The Fixables do. 

5 super Photoshop Actions that can take a problem photograph and turn it into something spectacular. But words are useless! Gobble-gobble-gobble-gobble! Too much of it, dahhling, too much! That is why you must see for yourself! That is why you are here!

Ultimately, with Dress to Impress on your side you can count on show-stopping edits that will have the inquiries pouring into your inbox …. like Niagara falls … times a hundred.

It is incredibly important that you understand the versatility of these actions, so instead of using my photographs to show off how brilliant Dress to Impress is, I used photographs taken by other extraordinarily talented people across the world. The photos above were taken by the following photographers (in order): Sophie Veu, Michele of Shella Bella Studios, Crissy Maciel, Gina Wurms, Gaja L Kutnjak , Vera Lair, Jessica Wright-Moore, Alessandra Bailey, Sachin Khona. 


These actions ARE for you if:

  • You’re dedicated to success
  • You want to provide clients with the absolute best, high quality edits available for their photos
  • You know that your current editing isn’t wowing anybody
  • You’re smart enough to know that your photos need to cause a love-at-first-sight reaction to win more clients and make more money
  • You are a natural light photographer and know your images could look a lot better, but don’t know how
  • You know that editing should be easier and faster

These actions ARE NOT for you if:

  • You’re happy being a hobbyist forever
  • You are not a natural light photographer
  • You don’t really mind not giving the absolute best to your clients
  • You’re not interested in growing your client base and are satisfied with your current clients
  • You don’t put as much of a focus on editing in your artwork
  • You’re not passionate about creating a six figure business

*What are Photoshop Actions? 

Photoshop Actions are hands down the easiest and fastest way to edit your photos. They act as a filter on photos to automatically edit them in a specific way that makes them look spectacular with a click of a button.

*Are these Photoshop Actions easy to use? 

It’s as easy as this: You open up your photo in Photoshop. You select the Photoshop Action you want to use. And you press play. BAM. There you have it – your image, edited beautifully in less than 5 seconds.

 *I’m a technophobe – HELP! 

Don’t worry about it. These actions come with your very own “How to use your Photoshop Actions” guide AND video. I’ll show you how to download your actions, upload them into Photoshop, and how to use them in less than five minutes! I’ve got your back, baby.

*Will these Photoshop Actions look good on my photographs? 

Is the Pope Catholic? We’ve invested a lot of time and money into the testing of these actions to make sure that they look good on a wide variety of images – and yours are no exception. You are going to love how refreshingly versatile Dress to Impress is, and you can thank me later ;).

*How much time will Dress to Impress really save me?

Let’s put it this way – the number one thing my customers thank me for is for saving them massive amounts of time. These actions make your photos look amazing with a click of a button. One click of a button – that’s all. Photoshop is a confusing maze to most people, but Dress to Impress simplifies it all by saving you time while making your images look top notch.

*Is Dress to Impress customizable? 

Absolutely. Each Photoshop Action is saved in a folder above your image and all of the layers are there for you to adjust, hide, or delete completely. We strongly believe that giving you the power to customize your actions to suit each image is important, and we give you all the tools necessary to do so (including tutorials on exactly how to do it!)

 *What do I need to use these Photoshop Actions? 

You will need the amazing Photoshop CS. Most of the Dress to Impress actions work in CS2, but they work best in versions CS3, CS4, CS5, and CS6. That’s pretty much all you need – if you have Photoshop CS3 or higher on your computer, these will work for you – no problem!

*When will I receive my new actions? I can hardly wait! 

This is the best part, my friend. As soon as you purchase Dress to Impress, all 55 actions will get sent straight to your inbox as digital files automatically and you will be able to use them immediately. Oh the beauty of technology! :)

 *What if I fork over my hard earned cash only to find that Dress to Impress doesn’t work…or that it doesn’t suit my style…or that-?

Honey, stop right there. I fully believe in the value of these Photoshop Actions. They have the power to not only transform your images, but your business. However, if you purchase these Photoshop Actions and they don’t do it for you, please take advantage of our 30-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee. But I can tell you now, you won’t need it ;)


The Necessities – 15 Must-Have Photoshop Actions

The Black and Whites – 5 Silver Lining Photoshop Actions

The Creatives – 8 Lady Gaga-esque Photoshop Actions

The Colorfuls – 10 quit-your-job-and-join-the-circus Photoshop Actions

The Light Leaks – 7 piña colada Photoshop Actions

The Fixables – 5 superhero-worthy Photoshop Actions

That’s FIFTY Photoshop Actions!

Back when I used to sell solo actions, they were being sold at $39 each!

That would mean that Dress to Impress has a total value of $1,950.

But don’t freak out. Dress to Impress isn’t going to cost you $1,950. Instead, I’ve priced it at $299.

That’s less than $6 an action (ooh, ahhhh!) These babies will pay for themselves after they start causing love-at-first-sight reactions resulting in lots more clients and lots more money!  BAM!


If so, let’s rock and roll, baby. All you have to do is press the big “BUY NOW” button at the bottom of this page. It’s going to take you to a delicious Paypal confirmation page and ask you for your payment details. Don’t worry – this is totally safe and 100% confidential.

As soon as your payment is made, Dress to Impress will automatically be sent to your inbox and you’ll get a huge wave of relief that from now on your photos are taken care of – complete with fireworks display :)

P.S. I was joking about the fireworks display — everything else was serious, though!