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Because Christmas is the time to give


Is it okay to share a personal story with you? It’s one I’ve never shared before!

Before I do, you need to know a bit of the backstory: We all know that there’s nothing more magical than Christmas: the twinkling lights, the carols, the food… it doesn’t get much better than that.

Well, when I was 11 my family and I moved to Venezuela and due to a mix-up with our luggage shipment, our Christmas tree decorations hadn’t arrived in time for Christmas.

At first, my sister and I were heartbroken: what’s a Christmas tree without any lights, bobbles, or angels? It’s just a tree in a room.

My sister and I were devastated at the fact that Christmas just wouldn’t be the same, but suddenly we had an epiphany!

(And we all know the best ideas are born from epiphanies!)

We were adamant that this idea of ours was going to save Christmas! The only problem? It was going to require some tools, and a huge element of surprise.

So, after our parents went to sleep, we woke up and ransacked our new home as quietly as possible for anything we could find. Soon we found ourselves sitting at the kitchen table with pens, paper, glitter, and string.


And so it began: huddled around our kitchen table, tools in hand, we started creating our very own Christmas tree decorations.

We made reindeer-shaped paper bobbles, and santa-shaped ones; we made ones that were COVERED in glitter, and ones that looked like little, paper snowflakes.

Our tree was magnificent, and when our mom and dad woke up the next morning to see our empty Christmas Tree all decorated? Well … it was a special family moment I will never forget.

For some reason, even though the handmade Christmas decorations were nowhere near as beautiful as the ones caught in the delayed shipment, they were so much more special.

So special, in fact, that we ended up keeping our favorites, and to this day we still use them on our tree as a reminder of that one special Christmas in Venezuela, when we made our very own decorations.

Looking back, I realized that THAT was the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas isn’t about presents, or decorations, or Spiced Pumpkin Lattes; it’s about pulling together and celebrating family, friends, and a year of a beautiful life coming to a close, the best way you can.

That magical feeling of Christmas comes back to me every December, and this year I want to spread that Christmas feeling a little bit further.


This year I’m creating an Advent Calendar for you. It’s the Advent Calendar to rule all Advent Calendars.

Every morning from December 1st to December 24th, you’ll wake up to a new email from me featuring a new Photoshop Action.

These Advent Calendar Photoshop Actions have been specifically crafted for the holiday season. They look great with snow, fairy lights, tinsel – it gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

If you want in, click here to get all the tinsel-strewn details.

Big hugs,