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About The Blog

About the blog.

This blog is dedicated to YOU.

Not only are you incredibly passionate about photography, but you are intelligent and intrigued by the possibility of making a living doing what you love.

You are a dreamer, a believer, a go-getter.

You are an artist, a creative, and you thrive whenever inspiration strikes.

I create posts for this blog with the intent to inspire you to be a photoshop goddess, to be better in business, and to change the world as an artist.

It is your number one place to visit when you are in need of inspiration, and let’s admit it – we could all do with more inspiration in our lives, right?


Want the back story?

This blog was born in August of 2009 with the aim to document my journey with photography. It started off as personal posts documenting the ups and downs of my career, to a place where I felt comfortable opening up and sharing my inspirations and feelings, to a place where I now aim to inspire others to follow their passions and be the best they can be.

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