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A beautiful update.

It’s been a long time since I wrote a post on this blog. I’ve fallen in love with the power and ease of video, but I definitely do miss the good old days when I’d write blog posts here each and every single day. The truth is, this year has been one of total evolution and discovery. It’s funny how as each year passes, I fall deeper in love with life and all of its infinite possibilities and opportunities, and I learn so much more about myselfSelf-discovery is a beautiful thing. The more I learn about myself, the more I can fine-tune my skills, the more interesting life becomes. I love it.

I’m hoping to reinvent my business very soon. It needs some vitalization, and a push in an insanely positive direction that’s been bouncing around my mind for far too long. I can’t wait for my visions to become a reality, and to watch my business soar to the next level as soon as I do – ROCK ON, BABY!

Until then, I’m leaving you with some before and afters to enjoy on this beautiful Wednesday. All of them were taken by the immensely talented Rebecca Sehn and they were all edited with actions from The Express Yourself Collection. Make these yours TODAY before they double in price.

before after blogbefor-after-blog3before-after-blog2

All of the above photos were taken by the amazing Rebecca Sehn and were edited with The Express Yourself Collection (buy it TODAY before the price doubles!)