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How to Shoot:

How using the same light can give you very different results.

How to become best friends with natural light

How a change in shutter speed can change your image.

How to get a blurry background?

Self portraits, why I love them, how I shoot them. 

How to use a tripod and remote control for self portraits

How to Edit:

How to use Photoshop Actions to bring colours to life in less than five minutes!

Four Free Photoshop Actions from me to you.

Where to find “The Inspired Store”?

Things I Use:

Camera: Canon 5d mark ii
Lenses: Canon 50mm 1.4, Canon 85mm 1.8, Canon 28mm 1.8
Editing: Photoshop CS5  & Photoshop Actions from The Inspired Store

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  • Judy

    When you go travelling to a different new bigger city for the day, how do you pack/bring your camera stuff, maybe just your camera, along with your regular purse? I would perfer not to bring too many bags/be heavy but I was just wondering how you would do it or any recommendations! PLEASE reply back!!!

  • Naomi Wollman

    Hi Alex! I have a question and would LOVE your advice! :) I am a amateur photographer(still learning SO much :P) and I recently shot wedding portraits outside for a couple and this happened in early december with no snow and terrible cold conditions! (dont think ill ever do that again!)

    So my question is, I turned out having blah looking pictures with red noses and ears! HELP. I use photoshop CS5 to edit and cant seem to find a way to get the reddness off of my clients. So I was wondering if you had a way of taking care of that. Thanks so much!!

    Ps. I love your work and have bought several of your actions and all I have to say is ‘LOVE what you do’ :))

  • Alison

    Hey Alex!
    A strong online presence is clearly very important as a photographer. You have the HULK of online presences.
    I’m curious how you organize your time. Do you work on a disciplined schedule? How much time do you limit yourself to working each day/week?
    I currently work full-time outside the home in Cancer Research. My passion, like others on the site, is photography and I would love to do this full-time instead. Making that transition though… I’m not sure how I’d go about it. My goal is the one day be successful at full-time photography but for this, I’m sure, you need real discipline and a real game plan so to say…

    How do you do it!? Is your online work factored into a daily routine for which your salary from photography covers or would you consider your online work (blog, video casts..etc) to be more on your “own” time? Or is it a separate paid job altogether somehow?

    I’m very curious. I hope you can find time to respond!

    Thanks so much!

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