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  • Jordan – Sunday Sky Photograph

    Hello Beautiful! I have a question for a possible Chatty Tuesday segment.

    I’ve been struggling with keeping up with my clients AFTER their sessions with me. I’ve been trying to figure out a system, app, or program where I can easily input their information to use to my advantage where I can mail them complimentary prints and thank you cards to remind them to book with me again and continuously build that relationship where they feel that they are a valued customer. It would also be great to input notes or how many total sessions they have booked with me…. A place where I can have a mini-facebook inspired place where I have all my client contacts to keep in touch with. What would you recommend and do you use anything right now to personally stay connected with past clients? Thank you thank you!!! :)

  • Loni Judisch

    ‘The GREAT all powerful Alex’ ! I have a question. I was to market to my customers via email style just like you do for your blog subscribers. Any info on how to create these? I am sure there is a plug-in or some kind of ‘add on’ I would need? Right now I have a Photopro blog with word press. My goal is to market like direct mail but really do direct email instead to cut down on paper costs and postage.

  • Julia

    This is an awesome question! I would love to hear her advice as well!

  • Jasmin Pichlyk

    Your footer has placement issues on google chrome. You might want to look into that. Cheers!