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You’ll make more money by doing this …

Ever wondered if having a newsletter could boost your sales, and if it was worth the effort? And what are you supposed to write about anyway?

Today I’m telling you why you should definitely have a newsletter for your business, and I’m also going to prepare you with two different examples of emails you could send in your newsletter that are going to build your brand and make you more money. Ready? I thought so.

Leave a comment letting me know: 

* Do you have a newsletter?
* If so, what kinds of things do you send out?
* If not, what’s stopping you? What are you afraid of?


I can’t wait to hear from you!!!! AHHHHHH!

Big, huge hugs!

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  • Kelly Walsh Loss

    Alex – I love this Chatty Tuesday – just started listening to your Chatty Tuesday’s on the way to work – such great material, presented in a fun way! What’s your thoughts on allowing people to sign up to your blog to get an email each time you do a post? Or, do you just offer the newsletter option? Right now I just have the feedburner link where they can get the posts emailed to them, but I’d love to do a summary in a newsletter instead of clogging up people’s email. Although, I’m not sure how to make the switch!
    Thanks for your help!

  • Alex

    Hey @de27b1177cc3e38100e5b67d747a9fb2:disqus – Yes! People would have to sign up for your newsletter, there are many ways to get people on your list, check this out for ideas:

    P.S. I always recommend MailChimp, it’s brilliant!

  • Alex

    Hey @facebook-1099346870:disqus – I used to do that too (feedburner link), but it’s so important that YOU have their email addresses! So I stopped doing the feedburner automated thing, and instead I signed up for MailChimp and encouraged people to get on my list. Remember: the newsletter is about YOU helping THEM. It’s not about them helping you. So share content with them that they are going to thank you for. That’s how you build a relationship, and that’s how people learn to trust you and then desire to hire you! :)

  • Kat Young

    Alex I am so glad I stumbled across you. I was actually looking for actions that day but hit the jackpot. Your words are inspirational and it is the best advice I could ever need. I am now one of those people who sits and listens to web chats. Thank you so much. I also made sure to put a photo on my website. I can talk myself up all day but the photo was tough hehe. Wouls love for you to pop by. x Kat

  • Tatiana

    Thank so much Alex for your informative videos, I’m currently in the works of creating a newsletter and just got photoshop and honestly i don’t know where to start. Could you do a more in depth video of how to create your own newsletter i haven’t found any helpful information online. I have heard about Mailchimp but i would like to create my own template could you help?