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The Highly Anticipated Photoshop Tutorial: Green Cherries >> “From this … to this.”

Step by step, this makes it easier don’t you think?

  1. Use the action “Green Cherries” at 59%, select the layer mask. Grab your brush tool in the colour black at it’s softest and draw over her body to hide it.
  2. Use “Maracas” at opacity of 15%
  3. Use “Contour” to add definition. Press button “d” to automatically set your colours to black and white. Grab your brush tool in the colour black at its softest and at 20% and draw over any areas of her body that you want to darken. Now change your colour to white and draw over the brighter areas that need highlighting.
  4. Use “Vanity Mirror“, select your layer mask. Grab your brush tool in the colour black at a soft brush and draw over any areas that you don’t want “Vanity Mirror” to affect.
  5. Use “Contour” again at 27%. Grab your brush tool in a black, soft brush and draw around the edges of the images. Use “Gaussian Blur” to blur it.
  6. Command + alt + shift + E to merge all layers.
  7. Command + U – Up the saturation of the reds to +25.
  8. Add a new layer (command + shift + n). Zoom in. Grab your brush tool (b) and sample colours to get the correct one. Draw the appropriate colours over her eyes. Then use “Gaussian Blur” to blur the eyeshadow colour! Add a layer mask. Grab your brush tool in black and draw over all of the areas that you don’t want affected by the eyeshadow colour! Change the layer mode to “Overlay” at 52% opacity.
  9. Add “Like A Painting” at an opacity of 36%.
  10. Use “Alex’s Sharpy” at an opacity of 100%. (super sharp!)
  11. Use “Boom Boom Pow” at an opacity of 40%. Add a layer mask. Grab your brush tool in black and draw over all of the areas that you don’t want affected by “Boom Boom Pow“!
  12. Command + alt + shift + E to merge all layers.
  13. Grab your clone stamp tool and clone her face by holding down alt and clicking. Then copy it onto a new layer (command + n) at luminosity layer mode. Continue till you have as many faces as you like. Lower the opacity until you can barely see them :).
  14. BAM!

I really hope that you enjoyed this tutorial and that you get a better idea of how I go about editing my photos. You are all awesome and I appreciate any and all feedback! So if you have an idea of how to make these easier, feel free to send me an email!

Big hugs

  • melissa

    oh, I was wondering how people used actions, it’s clearer now thanks haha. I downloaded some free ones just to check it out and they definitely don’t fit every photo, and I had no idea how people made them fit! This makes me wish they taught us about layer masks in school! *grumble* :P

  • Kait

    Thank you so much for the tutorial!

  • Rocio DOleo

    With these tutorials you help all of us to be better photographers, so thank you thank you thank you very much! (:

  • Ali

    Alex, wonderful work as always! I loved this tutorial! The vanity mirror and like a painting actions are so amazing. I hope to buy them both very soon! Really unique thing you did with the faces… It always a good idea to think outside the box and push yourself to be different.

  • Pascale Magnan

    Dear Alex,

    I loved your tutorial as always!!! It’s so nice of you to take the time for it!!!! Take care,


  • Mai

    Alex, can you tell when we can get your “Red Kisses” action???
    I love love love this tutorial. :D

  • AKP Photography

    WOOOOOOW Alex!!!!!! Youre amazing!! Loooved the tutorial, youre soo talented :D

    And i wish i could by all your amazing actions an use in my own photographs, love the effect of the contour action.

    I love all the photos in the cherries series, but i must admit i didnt see the awesome effect of the faces before i watched this tutorial :P I think it was a very creative thing to do :D