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Wonderful Wednesday <3

Welcome to Wonderful Wednesdays, a series on my blog where each week I share an inspiring video along with some of my favourite links from that particular week! I hope you enjoy what you find here, and if you have any awesome links you would like to share – feel free to leave them in the comments section below! :) 

Big hugs and thanks to the lovely Emma Jackson of Paperlily Photography for pointing this one out to me :)

 Photo by Helen Warner. Make sure to follow her and give her some love here = Portfolio. Flickr. Twitter. Facebook. Blog.  

The links I’m loving this week? Check them out below:

  • An awesome post about what photographers can learn about their industry by taking a look at the music industry. Well worth a read!
  • The blog of an artist is always interesting for me, which is why I love this blog by Melissa! Don’t forget to stop by her Etsy Store for some beautiful pieces!
  • Imperfection is the new Perfection” This post was wonderful for me to read, especially after last week’s Wonderful Wednesday topic of perfection.
  • I’m pretty sure I’ve linked to Marissa’s 30 day vlogging challenge like ten trillion times, but it has inspired me so much and made me fall in love with her! She is the CUTEST! Check out her most recent video here.
  • Speaking of challenges, take some time to check out The Gratitude Challenge! Will you be joining in?
  • Looking to do your own blog/web design? Here are some beautiful and FREE fonts! Remember – consistency is key! This is something I really struggle with, I’m a bit of a font junkie!
  • A video on how to handle situations that are out of your control. Loved it!
  • Miss Kat of Rock n Roll bride captured in a totally different way by the amazingly talented Joanna Brown. My photography heart fell in love. Check it here.
  • Is this awesome, or is this awesome?
  • Do you airbrush your photos? A take on editing and educating clients about it.
  • So, this has probably been seen a million times but I just HAD to share it for those of you who missed it – a photographer did a shoot totally inspired by The Titanic movie! At first I rolled my eyes but when I saw for myself how much effort they all put into it, it was astonishing! Check it out here.
  • A comic on how to get more likes on facebook. haha!
  • Beware of foul language, but this is a wonderful video all about art, passion and doing something that makes you come alive.
  • A post on Boudoir Photography. Why she loves it. Why she shoots it. Why she shows it online. A+
  • Steven Fry on what he wishes he knew at 18.
  • I love when someone finds a creative way to design or create. Check out this sandwich design!
  • Tee hee. Remember last weeks Chatty Tuesdays on my favourite iPad apps? This article confirms my love affair with Paper.

Fun Fact: The most popular selling item in my store over the past month has been “The October Collection”. Hands down. Big thanks to all of you purchasers! :) You make my world a very happy place! <3

  • Shawna

    LOVE the post on boudoir photography. Have you ever checked out Danielle Fletcher’s work? Love her vision and her stance on boudoir photography and her empowering women movement. She also shoots on film…SO dreamy. :)

  • Tami Weingartner

    Loves the video link…… Went and bought the book because of it. Amazing stuff….and just what I needed.

  • melissa

    ooh thanks for the shoutout :)