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What choices will you make?

Today I am fascinated by life. I am bewildered by myself and my pure indecisiveness sometimes.  The worst part, for me, is that sometimes the variety of choice that life offers me can be overwhelming. And it makes me feel  frustrated that there are so many different paths I could go down, so many different options to choose from. How will I ever know if I’ve made the right one? I can’t seem to weigh the options in my head properly enough to come to a solid decision. I try to weigh the pros and cons but just find myself lost and confused instead. Frustrated with choice.

What I forget is that choice is one of the most wonderful parts of life. We have so much choice, so many opportunities, so many paths to choose from – how lucky are we? And how could it EVER be something I complain about when so many before me have fought so hard to bless us with the right to choose. It is not a bad thing and we should not let it overwhelm us. Instead we should let it excite us. We should CELEBRATE how lucky we are that our lives are overflowing with choice after choice. Some as big as, “What should I do with my life?”. Some as small as, “What should I eat for dinner?”

The opportunities and choices are neverending, my friend.

EMBRACE the choice in your life. I know I will.

  • yana

    So true! We have more choices now than any generation before, it seems. I am indecisive, also. Thanks for the reminder of how blessed we truly are.

  • ilham


    I feel so happy to read your blog posts, they fill me with inspiration every minute of the day! I work in a profession (im a nurse) that makes you appreciate life and think twice about what you have – life! You never know if your health or life can be taken away from you by a disease or leaves you disabled. Believe it or not I also feel that about photography… it captures beauty in so many different ways that you dont ever want to let go of it. YOu want to capture it at that moment because really you dont know if you will get that moment or time back.

    You are my inspiration Alex, Keep up the amazing work!!! I aspire to be as great as you some day!

  • Jamie

    this is so true! one thing that i do when faced with harder decisions is give myself a timeframe… i always know that at the end of x hours or x days i will have a decision! really helps to get things done.