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I have two questions for you :)

Heyyyyyy loves!

Firstly … I found the cutest photo of myself today. It’s from last year when I was working on my web redesign and needed updated shots for my “about me” page. It just reminds me how far I’ve come in almost a year, a reason to celebrate!

Secondly … I have a few questions for you lovely people and I want you to leave your answers in the comment sections below! 

ONE. How do you spend your days? Work? Play? Down time? I wanna know!

TWO. What makes you the happiest and why?

I can’t WAIT to read your answers!

Big hugs!


PS Tonight I am working on adding more to the online store! Wish me luck!

  • Kathy

    Good morning, lovely! I love your posts and you make me so happy!

    Answers to your questions!

    1) My days are much calmer now that I’m only working 3 jobs instead of 4! Especially since they are now all in the photography industry! I work for Fundy Software, a company that does PS extensions and web based apps for photographers (including Album Builder, which is AMAZING for designing albums). Then I have my own photography business and I help other photographers in a variety of ways, help them grow and inspire their businesses. When I’m not working, I love spending time with my 3 year old daughter and my husband, who is disabled. When they are all asleep, I take Me Time to read or watch mindless tv shows on Hulu.

    2) Finding inspiration makes me happy. Whether from someone’s blog or Pinterest or something I see throughout my day. Also, interacting with nice people. Nice people can be such a rarity in today’s world that when you get one it makes me so much more happy!

    I hope your day is absolutely wonderful today! And I sent you some love on my blog. ;) :D

  • Victoria

    Hey Alex!
    1) I’m only a student,so I learn a lot…Every day… But sometimes I photograph nature or myself… A lot of time I communicate with friends,reading blogs (most of your)…
    2) My family and friends… Only they communicate with me and they only help me. Of course photography is a tittle of my life,so that delights me..
    Bye! (sorry,I dont speak english very well)

  • Claire

    Hello Alex,

    Yes that is a really cute picture! And I’m intrigued by your questions… Or maybe by the answers I’m looking for in response.

    1 is easier: I spend two or three days a week writing wedding calligraphy, the rest writing my wedding blog. The two kind of merge… The wedding blog seeps into my working hours and into my evenings… Sometimes I walk in the park during the day, evenings you’ll find me playing on the Internet.

    2 I don’t know what makes me happiest: maybe it’s my cats making me smile, or the fact I live in relative luxury compared with the rest of the world. Maybe my family, although I don’t see much of anyone. Maybe it’s the clean bed linen thing, or seeing ducklings or lambs playing… Or maybe they’re just things that make me appreciate how lucky I am, and I haven’t found real happiness yet…

    You seem to have caught me in a contemplative mood!

    What makes you happiest?


  • AKP Photography

    1. Im still in school and i will be for a while, but i want to start study photography in the fall so i hope ill get in :D

    2. Im happiest when i shoot photos, are laughing with my friends or spening time with my family :D

    Beautiful photo love the colors and pose :P

  • Ali Brown

    What a fun blog. Thanks for being so curious about your fans lives :)

    1. During the week M-F I spend my day doing all of the above. Wake up around 11am, do some homework, check emails, shower, lunch, then go to my job around 3pm where I work as a mystery shopper. Luckily I get to work with a computer there so I sneak in doing some more homework, managing my facebook fan page and blog. Come home around 8pm, eat dinner, do more homework, do more work with my photog business, and then around 2-3am I have an hour or two of down time where I watch tv, take a hot shower, paint my nails.. or whatever makes me wind down before bed :) On weekends I visit with my family, and focus on photo shoots and school work!
    2. Way too many things make me happy so I can’t choose just one thing. And honestly, I don’t know why certain things make me happy. If I find myself smiling or excited about something… then I would consider it to be something that makes me happy! Some of these things would include photography, the beautiful outdoors, grabbing some beers with my boyfriend, the sunshine, a thunderstorm, travelings, yeah I could go on and on :)

    How about you, Alex? You should share your answers!

  • Emilia

    I love that picture of you! You look so natural and happy!

    And to answer your questions:
    1. From Monday to Friday I use my time to retouch pictures or work in any project I might have (or do some cleaning) and then to the kitchen and do some cooking for the family, I work in a legal office in the afternoons, and at evening I read, relax or continue my work. Sat-Sun, days off from cooking duty :), afternoons free for photoshoots! And of course Sunday mornings I go to church, where sometimes I sing with the praise group. (I think I was a little too specific, wasn’t i?)

    2. What makes me the happiest… that’s a tough question, because there’s a lot of things that make me happy, but I will tell you the exact combination that would make my day the happiest: A road trip with my parents or the whole family where I have my camera on hand and I start shooting pictures of the road, of me, of my company, then when reaching the destination, which it has to be a nice place in the countryside, having a picnic, and then wander off for a little while and take pictures of what surrounds me, and making them look interesting or magical. And after the well enjoyed day, feeling tired, getting into a warm and cozy bed. That’s happiness to me. (Ok, in the middle you can also add a great book and some singing out loud in the road) :) Days like these remind me of my childhood and the things that made me happy then, still make me happy today.

    Ok, I wrote enough, time for you to share your answers!

  • Milly Colley

    Hey Alex,
    Two very interesting questions.
    ONW – how do I spend my days? – well I don’t have a typical day which is good as it means im always kept on my toes. Im a photographer too but a relative newbie as I’ve only been doing it a couple of years, I left my office job to take an internship with a photographer in London and I’ve looked back. I still assist photographers but i’m doing more and more of my own comissions now which is really exciting :-) Workwise I could be doing anything from organising a shoot, shooting, updating my website/blog or the boring bits like filing and invoicing. Downtime and play I spend listening to music, reading, going to gigs, cycling and seeing friends. I love nature and animals too so enjoy being outside, going to the stables to see the horses and when I had a dog, walking him was my favourite pasttime.

    TWO- spending time with friends and family, whether it’s relaxing, going for a stroll in the park, or having a BBQ. Having all my favourite people in one place (which doesn’t happen very often) makes me the happiest of all.

    Thank you Alex for asking these questions as it’s made me realise that what makes me happiest is one of lifes simplest pleasures.

  • Ilze Louw

    Hi Alex!

    Very cute picture of you!

    1. I’m an English teacher for Korean kiddies (live in South Korea now) so my days consist of singing songs, jumping up and down, dancing with the kids, and playing games :)
    But as soon as I have free time I read about ANYTHING photography! It’s my passion and I cannot get enough of it (that’s also why I love your blog so much, you are such an inspiration!) I also try to shoot as much as possible and then I LOVE to edit! I love to be creative!
    2. I think I already answered the second question… :) Photography makes me the happiest! I even dream about it! It’s my way of being creative and I feel most alive when I have my camera in my hand!

    Thank you for being a great inspiration!


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  • Alex Beadon

    Hi Ilze!

    Your response made me smile from ear to ear because you sound like such an upbeat, happy, passionate person! I LOVE IT! Keep creating, my friend, it’s obviously serving you VERY well! :)

    Big hugs!

  • Alex Beadon

    Hi Milly!

    Thanks so much for your comment! I love hearing from you readers, makes me feel SO much more connected! I think the fact that you don’t have a typical day is so awesome, keeps life exciting, doesn’t it? I checked out your website, loving your photos – good for you for chasing your dream and making it a reality! Funny you mention that you love nature and being outside – I’m the same way, and am currently considering moving to the city but can’t decide if it would be too much concrete for my nature-loving soul haha! Wish me luck on that decision!

    Big hugs, keep creating!

  • Alex Beadon


    I LOVED your response! Particularly the description of your perfect day, I love the singing out loud in the road part! It reminds me of myself – one of my FAVOURITE things to do is blast my favourites songs and sing as loud as I can and dance like a crazy woman hahahaha! :)

    Big hugs and I hope you enjoy your days off cooking duty this weekend :) <3

  • Alex Beadon

    Hey Ali :)

    You work as a mystery shopper?!?!?!? I think that’s so cool haha! Lots of things make me happy too, all of the things you mentioned! And when I tried answering my own questions for the blog post today I realised how hard that last one was! What makes you happy and why?!? I don’t know where that question even came from! hahaha!

    Big hugs and it was lovely reading your answers! <3

  • Alex Beadon

    Ahhh! I hope you get in, too – that would be awesome to study photography!! Good luck :) <3

  • Alex Beadon

    Claire! :)

    Thanks so much for your response :) I’m sure that your wedding calligraphy and the wedding blog merge seamlessly! I always think the best thing someone in the wedding industry could do with their blog is aim it to brides! I know how hard it is to run a blog, though, so I feel your pain about it seeping into your working hours and into your evenings. It’s much more time consuming than people realise! Good for you, though! I know it’s a good investment of your time! Your list of what makes you happiest made me so happy, thank you for sharing in such detail :) I’m glad you were in a contemplative mood! It made me smile.

    Huge hugs <3

  • Alex Beadon

    Hey Victoria!

    Oh how I miss being a student sometimes :) lucky you! I do a lot of self portraits, too – they’re very therapeutic aren’t they? :)

    Big hugs!
    xoxo <3

  • Alex Beadon


    Firstly, thank you SO MUCH for the blog love – you rock! Secondly – thanks sO MUCH for the comment :) Comments always make me smile – so thank you! Particularly when they are so sharing like the ones on this post! I love learning more about you readers, so it’s wonderful when you share – thank you!

    You, my friend, are a busy, busy lady! That is incredible that you are working three jobs all revolving around photographers! Good for you! :) Plus you are a family woman, too! Aka Superwoman haha. I love it. And I am much like you – inspiration makes me sooo happy, another reason why I also love Pinterest!

    Keep up the awesome work!
    Big big hugs!

  • Francine

    Hello Alex!
    That photo is so cute! But gosh, you look just like your sister in that one! I think it’s the hair color maybe. :)
    Anyway, your answers:

    1) I’m a student so I spend my days at college. I still live with my parents (which is not so unusual here in Brazil, i don’t know about England). But my campus is in a different city so I spend around 3 hours a day inside of a bus. It’s not as bad as it may seem. Bus time is my reading time nowadays. :)
    I spent most of my day at college studying microbiology and when I’m home I usually am online checking all the awsome blogs I like to follow (yours included!) and on flickr. God, I love flickr! I also spend my days taking pictures(when I get home before sunset), reading, spending time with my family… :D

    2) What makes me the happiest? The little things, I think. Like spending an funny afternoon with my friends, having lunch with my family, visiting an incredible garden or park. I love the montains where I live and the cold and wet forests all around my city, I love taking pictures and loking at beautiful pictures. Gonden light makes me happy, and so does chocolate, blue sky and chilly winter days. The only things that are missing that could make me happier are more time to dedicate more of myself to photography and a boyfriend! XD

  • Nikki

    Hi Alex!

    I am new to your site but I have become an instant follower! Love, love, love!

    1)I mainly spend my days at the beach, I live in Hawaii, whether photographing or just relaxing… I work nights at a hotel in town.

    2)I am definitely my happiest on my days off! That is when I have free time to really do what I want, normally creating something- cooking, crafting, editing!

    Thanks again for this great site, so helpful! If you ever come to Hawaii I would love to learn more from you!


  • Rachel

    I work a day job so most of my off time is spent learning, studying, and practicing my photography. I absolutely love all of it though as it allows me to be inspired and, hopefully, inspiring. I adore reading & escaping into my imagination. I work every day to wake up thankful and go to sleep grateful. It’s not always easy but that’s why it is about the journey and not the destination (Cliche? Maybe. True? Yes)

    Btw – Thanks for asking:-D