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Wonderful Wednesdays: The happy secret to better work & lots of fun links

The secret to life is in the way that you see the world. I have been so obsessed with it lately, I can’t get out of my mind that the one thing that restricts me the most is myself, and the way I sometimes choose to see the world. I wrote about it the other day, and then stumbled upon this awesome video.

I love what he advises at the end of this video! 1) Write down three new things you are grateful for. 2) Journaling – write down one positive experience you’ve had today. 3) Exercise! 4) Meditate! 5) Random acts of kindness!

It’s just so inspiring!

Parent Child Reversal by Paul Ripke – Fascinatingly strange photographs!

Oh my gosh – is this video awesome or what? :D

Because you were there, too: 13 tips for family self portraits.

Meet Lana Del Rey – A video on youtube, there’s something so intriguing about this girl. I would love to photograph her.

This made me giggle.

Browse these photos and tell me that it doesn’t inspire you. Seriously? I LOVE!

Tumblr blogs like this and this always visually entertain me.

Clicking in & not giving up on me – Jasmine Star at her best.

A new favourite art blog.

Valentine’s day is on it’s way and this made me smile.

This is visually beautiful and unique. I love it.

Inspiring silhouettes.

This video visually inspired me.

I stumbled upon this week and I liked what I saw.

I totally want this calendar! :)

  • Alexis Fam

    Alex, I just want to let you know that you’re a true inspiration for me. I’ve been following your work and blog for a while but never really said anything. I love your Wonderful Wednesdays, they’re such delightful gems on the internet and keep doing what you do cos the world is a better place thanks to you. Hope to see more of your work soon. Always remember, you’re BETTER than you think you really are! xx

  • Amy

    Hey! Thank you for the link love :) I really appreciate it. Hope you are having a wonderful week!