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Wonderful Wednesdays – An inspiring message describing “the after life”.

This video touched my heart this week, after hearing that the boy in this video, Ben Breedlove, passed away just a few weeks after making this. I love that he describes “the after life” as a place of peace, a place that he never wanted to leave. It gives me faith and hope that there is so much more for us beyond this physical life. I thank him so much for sharing this with the world, watching it really touched me.

If there’s one thing you must read this week, it is this. Such a beautiful story that really delivers the message of how important photography truly is.

I am absolutely loving all of your comments and the response to yesterday’s blog post, An interview with the man who stole my images. Thank you!

Creative Mornings? You rock. Thank you for existing.

Creating an illusion without fancy editing tools. I love this.

Hello talent. Meet 16 year old Roni Ahn – are these photos gorgeous or what?

The short and sweet guide to being f*cking awesome.  - strong language but killer message! New life mission: be awesome.

Awesome post by the rockstar Chase Jarvis, on what is most important for a photographer.

Tim King’s mixtape blog post for 2011. I love it.

Fallen Princesses. Very interesting photography, make sure to view full screen!

Someone shared these textures recently online and I thought to myself, I have to try them out! Haven’t yet, but can’t wait to!

Can you spot my “Summer Princess” photos in this wonderful, brand new online magazine? :)

An honest blog post from one of my friends, Adam Allen.

One of my favourite photographers, Ann He, has updated her blog! yay!

Gorgeous 2011 round up by Andrea Pun.

Empower people around the world with $25 through Kiva. Inspiring.

We live in the frickin’ future.  Nicely said.

 Quote of the week: “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” – Albert Einstein … SWITCH IT UP A BIT, BABY! RAISE YOUR GAME!