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The editing process.

I thought that today I’d give you some insight into my editing for this photo:

It’s a bit extreme, but I was in a bit of an extreme, creative mood. So it just turned out this way. I think the process is interesting to see, though.

Check out my Photoshop Actions here.


  • Louise

    What an amazing blog you have, such interesting posts and I always love to see how people edit their photographs :)

    Thanks for the comment you left on mine x

  • Louise

    what a wonderful blog you have, I can learn so much through it! You have a beautiful style and are very talented. Thanks for the comment you left on mine!

  • ilham

    Hi Alex!
    I downloaded your photoshop actions, I have Photoshop CS4. But cant seem to find them, am I looking for them in the wrong place? I am still very new to photography. I know my question sounds so silly:(. I see that its on my desktop as “alex beadons actions” I click on it, then it opens up CS4. But for some reason I cant find it on photoshop.. I wanted to used it on one my pictures but couldnt. Am I just blind:(

  • Alex Beadon

    Hi Ilham!

    Aww, don’t worry! Here’s a photo that will show you how to use them:

    Let me know if you still don’t understand!!

    Good luck and enjoy your photoshop actions!!

  • ilham

    Thanks Alex! I will try that and let you know if I have any issues!:)