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England in Autumn

To all of the Americans who read this blog, Happy Thanksgiving. I was thinking of doing a list of all of the things I am thankful for, but instead I stumbled upon this and felt incredibly thankful for the simple fact that I’m here, that I’m alive, that I’m ME. Have a wonderful Thursday, my friends. I hope you take lots of fabulous photographs and that you give thanks for the mere fact that you are you.

  • Gembear

    BEAUTIFUL photos. i wish i could take ones as good as this x

  • Valerie

    Awesome pictures Alex as always! You are such an inspiration to me! Hope you are feeling better!! ;) x

  • Andrea

    Wow Alex, you’re in paradise!!!! Wonderful place!! <3 May I ask you were exactly is it??? The colours are really amazing <3
    Happy Thanksgiving

  • Karin

    These dark red colors in autumn are just amazing. You captured them perfectly in your pictures! I love them!

  • Yana

    Lovely photos. Thanks for that link; truly, each and every person is a miracle!

  • Roxana

    These are just beautiful! Really autumn images!