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Three never-before-seen-online images for “Eat So They Can”

About two months ago I wrote my “Photography Bucket List. Number 23? Photograph something for a good cause. And I’m soooo happy to say that I did it :). Last month I was contacted by a friend of a friend of mine called Stephanie. She’s doing amazing work for an international fundraiser called “Eat So They Can“, and one of the things she organised was an art exhibition! It was so cool to be asked to be part of such an important event, and I ended up creating three final images all around the theme of food. These three final pieces were part of the exhibition and are to be sold to help raise as much money as possible for “Eat So They Can“! I have to say a big thanks to Stephanie for inviting me to be part of such a great fundraising event, and for all of her hard work!

Here are my three pieces for the project:


Lost in Transit:

Mother Nature:

Obviously, photographing for a good cause is something that I will always want to be involved with, so I definitely won’t be crossing it off the bucket list to be buried away and forgotten about, but I’m happy to know that I have participated in a cause as great as this.

Something I would love to take part in one day is theHelp Portrait project, which was originally created by photographer Jeremy Cowart. Maybe I’ll have to add that to my bucket list :).

When was the last time you used your talents to help a great cause?

  • Taylor Jackson

    I know eat so they can. It is put on by global volunteer network. The same organization I went to Uganda with in 2008. Its amazing how small the world really is. Way to get involved with a great cause.

  • Tiffany Chapman

    Ohh I want some of those Skittles!! haha! I will be participating in Help-Portrait this year in Austin!! I’ll let you know how it goes!!

  • ajira

    This is awesome Alex! Wonderful!! You could totally be part of HelpPortrait this year. There’s got to be an event happening near you… and if there isn’t, I’m sure you could get a bunch of other togs to join you in creating one… maybe ShutterRockers? Why not?!

  • Yana

    Wonderful images! I love each one. You should definitely check out Help-Portrait. Many events will be happening all over the world in the 2nd week of December. I helped out last year at the event in my city… It was so neat to meet people from all sorts of backgrounds, and serve them in this way.