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Do You Have A Photography Bucket List?

Today I came across a tweet asking the question, “Do You Have A Photography Bucket List?”. It linked to this article  and I found the whole concept incredibly intriguing. Particularly because just the other night I had a vivid dream that I was photographing Rihanna. Yes. Rihanna. Of course, you’ll know all this if you follow me on Facebook, where you can see that a few of us then had a conversation on the power of believing in something, and it coming true.

So. With that said, I was inspired to create my Photography Bucket List.

1) Photograph Rihanna.

2) Finish my Season Princess series.

3) Start and complete my top secret street photography project.

4) Do a 365 self portrait project.

5) Go on a road trip across the USA and document it.

6) Do a series of bench photographs.

7) Start and complete my top secret portrait photography project.

8) Do a portrait session with a beautiful girl and a llama.

9) Start and complete my “Big City Life” project: doing portrait sessions in big cities.

10) Do an underwater photo shoot.

11) Go back to Greece and photograph in it again.

12) Photograph NYC during autumn.

13) Photograph Penn State during autumn.

14) A series of long exposure portraits.

15) Photograph my parents properly at least four times a year.

16) Do a shoot swap with a photographer I hugely admire.

17) Have at least one photo on the “explore” part of flickr. DONE! See it here!

18) Photograph a couple that means a lot to me in the forest.

19) Go to Bora Bora and take a picture of something beautiful.

20) Be featured on Ben Trovato’s blog.

21) Photograph some fine art nude shots!

22) Dare I say it … have one of my photographs in a fashion magazine like Vogue! :D

23) Photograph something for a good cause.

24) Attend a major world-wide event and photograph history in the making.

25) Go to Kenya and photograph something worthwhile.

26) Photograph and frame the most beautiful photos of my children (this might take a while as I currently have no children and have no plans of children, but it’s still on the list).

27) Take some amazing portraits of my dogs.

Okay. This list is not even close to being a complete list. But I will always come back to it, adjust it, update it, and cross things off as I go along – and hopefully one day I’ll be able to cross them all off. Even the big ones – like number 1, 4, 10, 22, 26. They’re all pretty big now that you mention it haha.

What is YOUR photography bucket list? Please, list some of it below – or write your own blog post about it! I’d love to see! :)

  • Saadia Me*Chel

    Great idea. I did something similar with a 101 in 1001 but I think a bucket list is a little better because it’s goals to achieve over a lifetime. So… I created one for myself :-)

  • Marissa Rodriguez

    This is an amazing idea! I’ve never thought about actually writing down all of my thingsireallywanttophotographoneday ideas! I LOVE yours and I have no doubt that you’ll get to complete all of them one day! :)

  • Debs – Belle Amour

    Can I join ya for number 5 please? ;) 9 is something you should do in November! And I will look forward to buying my copy of Vogue once you’ve completed number 22 :) xxx

  • Maura

    I just found your blog and I’m in LOVE! If you ever come to America, I have got to have you take some shots in Kansas!

  • Susan Robens-Brannon

    I just want to let you know that I liked your “Photo Bucket” article that I pointed to your side from my blog “Through The Lens” then to PhotoFocus Blog!

    I like your creative thinking about image taking. Oh, by the way, I found your Photo Bucket article through your twitter tweet! So it works!

    Keep it up!

  • Anna

    love this idea Alex, I am going to do one today, will also help with some kind of business plan i should have! *hides in shame*

  • Charlotte

    Jake has llamas maybe you could borrow one? :)

  • Ellie Gibbons

    Hey Alex, thanks for the inspiration for my writing my own photography bucket list, I really enjoyed the process :) Here’s my list if you’d like to see:

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  • Emily W

    When you do the USA road trip on your bucket list, I’m tagging along!!! You’re fabulous xo

  • Barbara

    Dear Alex, after reading your post I decided to make my own photography bucket list (here it is:
    Your work is such an inspiration – looking forward to seeing what you have prepared next…

  • Rose

    I actually do! :) loved to read this entry by you, you always inspire me to do more, so thank you!

  • Ellie Gibbons

    Hey Alex, I just wanted to say thankyou for taking the time to comment on my blog for my recent bucket list really makes writing a blog worthwhile when people read and interact :) xx

  • Barbara

    Thank you for your „visit“ – hope we’ll meet one day and that I’ll get the opportunity to work by your side :)

  • Ivan Packer

    What a great idea Alex, having a photography bucket list is not something I’ve thought about. So, I’m going to start:

    1. Write a photography bucket list…

    Ivan x

  • Yuliya M.

    Hmm. Great idea. Didn’t think of that. I want to photograph Jerusalem, that’s the first thing that came to my mind. I lived in Israel for a year, and there in that city, I fell in love with photography. I never photographed it with my DSLR, and that would be something magical. One day ;)

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  • Dan Spratt

    I have just written my photography bucket list and will be updating it as I tick things off. I have already completed quite a few of them and have added the photos to the post.