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Before & After and an Edit This Photo!

Hey everyone!

Here is today’s photos for another Before & After! It’s a photo directly from this week’s Vintage-Styled Photo Shoot that we had down at the Great Malvern Train Station! I love it – definitely a favourite from the day, but I did a lot in Photoshop to bring the photo from just “OK” to “Super Fab” ;). What do you think?

Also, I’m inviting you to take part in the second ever Edit This Photo! Exciting, right? Download the file here where you will find both Jpg and Raw format of the image. [[THIS IS NOW EXPIRED!]]

Seven “Edit This Photo” Steps:

1) Download the above photo by clicking on it

2) Unzip the file and open it.

3) Edit the photo with any editing software your heart desires. (Photoshop/ iPhone etc..)

4) Resize it so that the photo’s width to 769 pixels. *IMPORTANT*

5)  Send the image to my email address ( with the subject line EDIT THIS PHOTO

6) Include your website URL in the email if you want to be linked.

7) Wait till next week to see your beautiful image here!

>> Note: Only one edit per person will be featured. <<

  • sarah m

    fun fun :) can’t wait to see everyone’s entries

  • s h e r r y

    Cool before/after! :) I’m so taking you up on that editing challenge! :)

  • Jo {Summer Love}

    wow! maybe you should offer editing workshops! this is fantastic!

  • Charlotte

    Downloading as we speak :D so excited! Love the photos from the vintage shoot Alex!! Amazing. I will email you tomorrow with dates for next month xxx

  • Kirsten Mavric

    Done and emailed! x

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  • Girish

    Nice initiative. Will try to post an edit across. For sure.

  • Barbara

    Done and emailed! xoxo

  • Judie

    Done and emailed! Thanks for the opportunity Alex!

  • Adam Johnson

    I’m in!