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A tip to reignite your passion and love for photography

Hey friend,

Often times I get asked how I keep my love and passion for photography ignited. The downward slope of a lack of creativity is a slippery one, and not exactly the easiest thing to avoid. Stepping outside of my comfort zone in photography is always one of the most gratifying things for me and really keeps my relationship with photography fresh and addictive. So my advice is to do what I did this past weekend - go on a random trip and set out to creatively capture your surroundings. Last weekend I went to Didcot with my dad (you know how he’s a train fanatic and all), I managed to capture some shots which I absolutely adore. Here are my favourites:

(I love this one below, the woman looks like she is angrily dragging along the young boy, then in the foreground there is the onlooker sitting inside the train. I love it. The only thing I wish is that I had captured it a few milliseconds earlier, so that the boy and woman would have been on the far right. I feel it would have added to the image compositionally.)

The excitement I have to get home, upload my images and chose the best ones for a final edit is incomparable. I feel so amazing when I know I’ve captured something special.

Guess what? Today I’m going to a Vintage Styled Photo Shoot in Malvern! I am soooooo excited – can’t wait to meet up with friends, both old and new. Should be a lot of fun!! :) Can’t wait to share the images with you all soon!

Any exciting news on your end? What have you done this weekend?

  • Funmi Omotade-Tan

    Great set of images, Alex. Really like the different textures and favourite literal image is the “Taplow” because you had to get down low to get it hehe.

  • Becky Rui

    I love these photos, and it’s so refreshing to hear someone else talk about the excitement they have for photography… ‘when I know I’ve captured something special’. I know exactly what you mean. Love your blog!

  • Helen

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your pictures are amazing. I grew up near Didcot and have never seen it look as great as it does in your images. It’s such a wonderfully varied set.

  • Kimberly Wallace

    BRILLIANT! You are absolutely one of (if not THE) the most creative photographers in the industry! WOW!!!