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Summer, I miss you

I love living in England, for the most part. But the past week has been non stop dreariness and rain. Where did summer go so quickly? I’m feeling a bit down, had to cancel a shoot yesterday and will probably be cancelling my weekend shoots too, as the weather forecast is looking dreary. So, to cheer myself up, I thought I’d post a few of my summer photos:

My lovely family together on our cruise:

Summer days – I miss you!


  • sean

    why haven’t i seen those shots from the cruise before! gorgeous! it ALMOST makes me miss summer, but so looking forward to winter for me ;)

  • Kirk

    I miss summer, too. But now that fall is here, we have a whole new palette to play with!

  • Allison Bess

    You should move to Arizona! Our Fall doesn’t really start til November and we skip winter. It’s summer basically 8 months of the year and super hot all of the time. I’d pick rain any day.

  • Stefany

    These are stunning photos!! I don’t know which one’s my favourite? I live in the UK too and we’ve had rain all week.. This has certainly brightened my day though :)

  • ajira

    Oooh, a cruise! Still never done one and still think it would be loads of fun. Was it?

  • Alex Beadon

    Hey Ajira!

    I loved the cruise, but mainly because it was a family reunion. I don’t think I’d go again, to be honest – I’d much prefer exploring outside and not locked up all day on a boat :) haha. But yes, enjoyable for what it was at the time :) <3