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1 year anniversary & my inspiration board

Happy one year anniversary to my blog!!!

In honour of this wonderful day I thought I’d go back and look at some of the blog’s highlights:

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(yes, I know that was the 15th, but the blog’s birthday is still the 14th, the day it was created)

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My 21 Day Revolution

Ahhhh! That did me good to see how far I’ve come, and I’m actually really proud of the blog, so congratulations to me ;).

Anyways, back to normal blogging:

It is now day 5 of my 21 day revolution and I’m doing pretty well, today was the first day that I woke up and my muscles weren’t aching, it was the first day that I could really push myself running without feeling like I was about to collapse, and so I’m proud and feel like it’s actually paying off. Plus, I joined the gym today – how about that! ;)

Anyways, I missed blogging yesterday because my poor computer had to be sent away to be fixed, I probably won’t have it back for another week or so, so until then I’ll have to borrow my mom’s or sister’s computer from time to time.

Here’s yesterday’s photo:

I started my first inspiration board. I basically just cut things out of magazines that I loved and glued it all together, the point is to create something that’s beautiful and really keeps me inspired to be creative and motivated in both photography and life. This photo is a 25 second exposure time of my floor late last night, I had been working on it and then wanted to go to bed but realised I hadn’t taken that day’s photo, so I turned off the light, tried to focus best I could, and stay as still as possible for 25 seconds. This was the result.

Today’s photo:

Today I finally finished my inspiration board, I took it outside and took a few photos, and this one was my favorite.

That’s it for now – but I’ll leave you with a question

What keeps you inspired?


  • LJ

    It sounds cheesy but its true – smiles =)

  • Tracy Wallace

    Happy Blogversary. I love this idea. Such a great post, Alex.

  • brianna phelan

    Happy birthday to your blog. And congrats to you :) xo

  • Belle

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! i’m not sure i have one thing that keeps me inspired, i try to continually find things. . . now i must think and find a pattern or constant. Great post!

  • Charlotte

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BLOG!!! And I am so happy that you FINALLY took the time and made yourself an inspiration board! :)