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Life is about Learning and Love.

My sister said this the other day and it grabbed my attention. I don’t know exactly why, because I mean really it’s so simple. But it’s beautiful and so true :). It makes me think. Here’s my first quote.

  • Kristin Partin

    lizzie beadon sounds like it should be the name of a star character in some European novel. get to working on that! you’re right, that’s what it’s alll about. kind of like the hokey-pokey!

  • Megan Garrison

    So simple, but so meaningful :-)

  • Lizzie Beadon

    I’m so insightful :) I don’t remember saying this though hahahaha

  • Alex

    you don’t remember on the phone? you were like, “life is about learning and love” and i was like … “whoa.. that’s such a good quote” and you were like, “yeah, come to think of it, it is isn’t it?” hahahaha. silly girl :)

  • Rose

    And a great one! :D Love it and completely agree with your sister!

  • cindee bae

    aw, love this!!

  • Sean

    I like this very much.

  • Rachel Perry

    What a wonderful quote! I am loving looking through your photographs.

  • s h e r r y

    :) I like it. It’s simple, and is almost an alliteration! Life, learning and love? YEAH.