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Do something creative.

You know those days when you just have to do something different, something creative, something weird just to get it out of your system? That was yesterday for us here at the Beadon household. We decided to do a random photoshoot. We had nothing in mind, I just knew I wanted something different. Something not so posey-smiley etc etc … SOOOOoooo we went searching for props and backgrounds and etc etc … and anyways this is what my sisters and I came up with:

Make up, hair and posing – Lizzie Beadon
Modeling – Charlotte Niitsoo
Photography & Post Production – Alex Beadon

Oh and here is my beautiful sister, Lizzie. She rocks my world in so many ways. I love her.

And just for fun, here are some behind-the-scenes shots ;)

Creativity is fun, and I hope mine never dies. Plus this was awesome, it’s not work, so we were free to experiment and try new things and not be scared to ttooootttalllyyy fail haha. I encourage all of you out there to do a crazy/creative/weird/out-of-the-ordinary shoot… it’s fun :D ..

Anyways, life here is amazing. Christmas time makes me so unbelievably happy. I love my family and I’m soooo grateful for everything.

[[ PS CONGRATULATIONS TO LOVIS who finished all of his exams today :) Can't wait to see you tomorrow - Lizzie will finally be in a good mood 24/7 ;) haha. ]]

  • Sean

    I love the spontaneity! The colours are amazing! Second and third are gorgeous!

    Haha, it’s fun to see some of the behind the scenes too! Love the way you rock your creativity, Alex!

  • Judie Zevack

    I love your colors!!

  • anda

    wow wow wow!! i LOVE this! gorgeous photos and so fun! i’m such a fan of your work and i really hope we cross paths someday!

  • Brianna Phelan

    Very very fun Alex. Great shots and so different :)

  • s h e r r y

    Cool results! I love the make up :) And how you girls managed to pose among Christmas decorations! :D Fantastic imaginations!

  • Sara Beadon

    Lovely photos, and such a beautiful model. xxx

  • Ericha

    These are great Alex!! I love the backdrop and they just look so FUN! I’m a fan of the 5th and 6th ones down. Great job!!!

  • Charlotte Niitsoo

    You are so talented Alex!! And modeling was so much fun :)

  • ashley folkema


  • Rima

    Oh my gosh! um wow! Seriously stunning images Alex, the first 3 shots ae my fav!!

  • john pascale

    My eyes nearly shot out of my head! The colors are explosive!

  • Michelle Kane

    Wishing I had fun beautiful “models” to play like this! Mine are in the 4′ and under category. Just love your creativity!

  • ashleigh

    i always love your creative shoots! they are so unique and playful!

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